Five Extra Steps Taken By Our Housekeeping Staffs To Maintain A Cleaning Standard During This Pandemic Situation

Five Extra Steps Taken By Our Housekeeping Staffs To Maintain A Cleaning Standard During This Pandemic Situation

    As we provide accommodation service with public access, Griya Yunika is still a place where people, some of them are strangers, can come and go on a daily basis despite the limitation we enacted by not receiving any staying over-guests until the situation becomes completely safe and close to normal after COVID-19 pandemi.

    To maintain a cleaning standard until the happy day comes when we’re able to open our business again, there are five steps that are mandatory for us to keep in high regards through management policy and in its implementation, done by our housekeeping staffs in Griya Yunika Homestay Yogyakarta.

1.      Cleaning With Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As we all know by now, the novel coronavirus coud attach itself in various kinds of surfaces with the different being a matter of seconds, minutes, hours, or even days. With the danger lurking from this microbial creature and from the using of hard chemicals to eradicate the viruses in the first place, we’ve applied a policy of using personal protective equipment during our cleaning sessions for all housekeeping staffs in Griya Yunika.

All of the PPEs we’re using (e.g. masks, boots, and protective gowns) are obviously the non-medic kind, which won’t add to the already critical scarcity of PPEs for our medical workers.


2.      Disinfecting

 The next step we’re taking is what probably becomes our regular way of cleaning in many places even our own homes during this tough climate, that is disinfection.

We spray solution of disinfection tablets every single day for our public areas, added that to polishing surfaces that are touched the most like door handles and railings. Whereas with our rooms, we disinfect once every three days, taking turns based on room types that we have, Deluxe, Executive, and Family Executive Rooms.

3.      Washing Our Cuttleries With Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid


With the newest information from the World Health Organization that this virus can survive on a stainless steel surface up to two or three days for the very least, our next step as a prevention is to wash all of our cuttleries and kitchen equipment with hot water and dishwashing liquid every day.

4.      Washing Our Linens, Towels, and Curtains With Anti-Bacterial Detergent

With those stuffs not being used for some time, now is the best time for us to do a thorough cleaning and washing by stripping off all of our hotel linens, towels, and curtain from all of our guest rooms and wash them with anti-bacterial detergent.

Some of the white clothes get a special treatment of being soaked in bleach which obviously contains chlorine that can kill bacteria and virus.

5.      Cleaning System Of Our Swimming Pool And Adding Dose Of Calcium Hypochlorite

If in normal situation our procedure of cleaning the water in our swimming pool with vacuum and filter system is done three times a week, now we’re taking extra steps by cleaning it everyday to maintain the pure and hygienic water. We’re also adding the dose of Calcium Hypochlorite which is known as the disinfecting agent in swimming pool’s water treatment and tight pH controlling compared to the normal situation.

All of the extra steps we’re taking are, like we’re all can do best, to prevent things rather than dealing with it when it gets worse. Even in this tough situation for hospitality industry, the one we’re belong to, there are standards to be met and kept in order to give the best service for all of Griya Yunika guests, from the past and in the future. Until then we can host you again, we’re striving to take these extra little steps, every single day.


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